Nails are very important for women. They resort to many processes to make their nails look flawless and beautiful. In addition to prosthetic nail, manicure and pedicure procedures, they may also prefer a single nail design process. The single nail design, which is the fashion of recent times, is quite remarkable. In the single nail design process, only one toe nail, one toe nail polish and decorations are made. In the single nail decoration process, the nail is shaped by various patterns and remarkable color figures. Materials such as stone, beads and stickers are also used when making nail designs. The procedures performed on the fingernail also depend on the imagination and design power of the operator. At the same time the person can make a design that he wants. In this way, stronger nails are used, and the duration of use also covers a long period. This process, which is usually preferred in summer months, makes the nails attractive as well as being eye-catching. The single nail design process, which is popular in our country day by day, has become a favorite of women.

Product Price: 10 ₺