At the top of the women’s care list is the well-groomed nails. A well-groomed manicure treatment is carried out on well-groomed nails. Manicure is applied to hand nails. Women who want to have more flawless and beautiful nails do this procedure frequently. Dry (russian) manicure nails, hard, dry and amorphous structure makes it more healthy. Barielle, which allows for healthy nail formation, is recommended for 3-5 minutes by pushing the nail into the nail area. Because it provides softness to the region, it is also a convenience for nail pushing. Then, the treated area is rinsed with warm soapy water. After this process, nail polish is applied to the nails. After finishing the nail polish process, Barielle is applied to the quick nail dryer process. It provides fast drying thanks to the special ingredients. At the same time, the nail polish is easily peeled and non-peeled, while the nails give vitality. After the procedures, the dry manicure process is terminated by applying the massage process according to the hand and nail area of ​​the person. This is an application made in beauty centers. When done by a professional person, it will become more perfect.

Product Price: 35 ₺