It is important for women to be well-groomed. Hand and foot care has a different place for women. Foot care, so-called pedicure, are also frequently needed by people. The toenails in daily life can be greatly influenced by external influences. Therefore, regular pedicure is required. In this way, the nails have a more vivid, healthy, bright and attractive appearance. With the pedicure process, it helps to get rid of the problems such as hardening in the nails, formation of the devil nail, nail breakage and thinning and provides more perfect and beautiful nails. If any nail polish is applied before the prosthesis pedicure is applied, it is removed. The nails are brought to the desired shape with the help of the rasp. Using a keratin-containing pedicure stocking, you can wait for 10 minutes by massaging your fingertips and fingernails. The ends of the socks are pushed together with a rod, and the nail tips are pushed. In this way, the excess dead skin is taken with meat pliers. The socks are removed in the opposite way, and all the keratin foot and heels in the stockings are rubbed into the massage. This completes the pedicure process. This procedure should be applied by a specialist in beauty salons.

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