Microblading process, between the eyebrows and around the gaps, permanent makeup paint using bristle lines are made by placing the process. The same as the color of the eyebrows are drawn. In this way, the gaps are filled. These bristle lines are definitely not noticed by someone looking at the outside. You can use this process for a long time.

Before the procedure, the eyebrow design appropriate to the person’s face ratio should be determined. Another important issue after design is the choice of color. The application of the same tones with the color of the eyebrow is very important. Based on the original color of the eyebrows and not the hair color, the application has a longer use
It will be.

The eyebrow structure of each individual, the hair direction of the hair is different. Care must be taken during the application. This requires expertise and experience. What is important in the application of the hair technique is that the change is carried out naturally. After this process, color changes may occur. The most important reason for this is the color of the skin undertone. The skin shades are examined in three types: hot, cold and natural. The important thing is not the color of the eyebrows but the color of the skin undertone.

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