Permanent dipliner is one of the permanent make-up applications to the area of ​​the eyelash line just below the eyelid. Permanent eyeliner is not as remarkable as the permanent dipliner application, technically permanent eyeliner application consists of the same steps.

Paints are prepared by selecting a color that is compatible with the skin color of the person before the procedure. Then, a bottom dipliner is drawn to the lower part of the eyelid. If the person likes this sample design, the application phase is started. Before starting the application, anesthetic creams are applied to the area and no pain is felt.

Permanent dipliner application lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The procedure consists of one session and no pain is felt during the session.

Swelling and bruising may occur after permanent dipliner application and this is very normal. The more professional the permanent make-up specialist you choose, the less experienced. The paints and materials used during the application do not have any negative effects on the skin. It does not leave negative effects on health.

Permanent dipliner application has a durability of 1.5-3 years. After the professional process of the application, it is necessary to follow the criteria to be followed and to pay attention to these situations is very important both in terms of healing process and permanence.

Product Price: 600 ₺