For permanent french, the same system used in prosthetic nail application is used. If the length of the nails is sufficient, the application is performed without prosthetic extension. As with the permanent french application, as with the prosthesis applications, as the nails extend, the bottom filling is repeated and the use of permanent french application can be continued.

When you say that you want your nails to be in the form of a french manicure in the prosthetic nail application, the prosthesis to be attached to the nail tip is selected according to this situation. You can have French nails that do not deteriorate in any way after this process, which will take an average of 2 hours. After the application of acrylic and gel system to the prosthetic nails created, you can experience trouble-free and perfect use for up to 2 months. Since the elongation of natural nails will continue during this period, the bottom filling is applied to the nail bottom area after 2 months. This app is completed in about 1 hour.

Permanent nail polish can be used in permanent french application or direct gel can be used. This situation develops completely in the preference of the expert. No matter which product is used for the user.

Permanent french application can be applied in two different ways for hand and foot.

Product Price: 20 ₺