Women resort to manicure procedures to make the nails look more flawless and well-groomed. Apart from these, nail polish nail polish to make the nails more attractive. However, people with intense work tempo apply for “permanent nail polish Ama. Permanent nail polish; It is a nail polish application that keeps its permanence for a long time without any damage. Permanent nail polish application will last for 2 weeks as a salvage procedure.

Permanent nail polish that has become a very popular application recently is applied in hairdressing and beauty centers. Many color options are available. Operation is performed according to the request of the persons. In the nail polish application, nail polish is applied with UV drying process. This process is done as soon as drying process is provided. The property of permanent polish, as the name suggests, is not coming after any work done. When it is desired to remove the permanent nail polish, the process must be carried out. In this case, it is applied with special solutions. Thanks to the quality of the pole and the professionalism of the process, it is also possible to increase the retention effect.

Product Price: 50 ₺