It is a procedure performed by the frequent needling method of the thin layer of the skin. Pigments are located a little higher on the skin. The difference from the filling method applied to the eyebrows is that it is performed with lighter and non-sharp lines. The colors in the shading technique are more misty. It also provides an intense look. It is the most preferred method for women who frequently apply headlamps in Kaş region. It is used in accordance with the person’s eyebrow color. When viewed from the outside, it is difficult to recognize. In addition, the pain does not occur during this application.

The long-term permanence of the permanent make-up type differs from the use, maintenance and environmental factors. The skin has been left dry for too long, it is not humidified, it is exposed to regular light and too much sunlight and cigarette and alcohol consumption also have negative effects on powdering method.

Skin care must be performed and cleaned before application. The usage period varies between 6 months and 2 years. Persistence varies according to the person’s skin type.

Product Price: 1000 ₺

Powder-Eyeshadow (Shading Eyebrow) 1