Silk eyelashes, eyelashes are used to make the method look more lush and long. Made of silk materials, these lashes are adhered to the lashes on the upper eyelids with a special adhesive. It is poured completely in a period of 2-3 months in proportion to the person’s care. Because silk lashes are equivalent to natural lashes, they are not understood from the outside.

The most important point to be considered when making silk eyelashes is to make the application professional. The adhesive used to insert silk lashes can damage it if it comes into contact with lashes. The process can take a long time because eyelashes are attached one by one. An increase in eye sensitivity can also be observed.

After making a silk eyelash, make-up may be a little difficult. The reason for this is that the products can escape from the eyelashes in the makeup cleaning. Particular care should be taken not to touch the silk lashes during the face cleaning. Lying on the face can lead to distortion and distortion of the silk lashes.

Silk lashes should not try to remove the person. Otherwise, the person’s natural eyelashes may also be shed. Silk eyelashes should be removed from the center of the removal process.

Product Price: 150 ₺