One of the most important things for ladies is their nails. She looks so attractive in women as to how well the nails are well-groomed and beautiful. But sometimes unwanted nails may also break. This situation becomes annoying for the ladies. Sometimes the only broken nail between the flawless nails can cause the whole image to deteriorate. If you think you need to bring all of your nails with the same paint by breaking one nail. Processes are broken for single quotes. In these processes, only one nail is applied and the extension is provided. For this procedure, you need to go to the beauty center where you have previously had a prosthetic nail or manicure procedure. It would be more appropriate for a professional person to perform the most accurate and healthy procedure.

The broken single nail should not be treated with your own experience. In beauty centers, these nails are rendered more powerful by reshaping them. It would be more appropriate to touch an expert hand in order to avoid problems. After the correction of the broken single nail, a perfect appearance will be achieved again.

Product Price: 10 ₺