Although one’s eyelashes are rare, if the eyelashes are not dense, 2D and 3D eyelashes can be preferred. These eyelashes are applied to each lash by combining them in two and three ways in a much thinner structure than the natural eyelashes of the person. The more professional the application is, the better the results.

It is very important that the adhesive to be used during the application is reliable and high quality. Glue in contact with eyelashes can damage them. In this application, personalized eyelash size, thickness and color are selected. The application is completed after 1 hour on average.

If the application is carried out correctly, if the eyelashes are not applied on the eyelashes, and if the eyelashes are also thin, no sinking or weight will be felt after the application.

Eyelashes should be removed and rested for 1 month. Care should be taken with special eyelash serums during this resting period. At the end of the first 3 weeks, eyelash care is obtained and the first time is seen.

The most important point to take into account in make-up cleaning is that oil-based make-up cleaners are not used. These products will reduce the use of eyelashes.

Product Price: 200 ₺