Especially people who do not want the appearance of false eyelashes prefer these applications. For 4D and 6D eyelashes, each lash is released one by one. These eyelashes are very thin, silk lashes in 4 and 6 shapes. The application is completed in about 1-2 hours. A slight burning may be felt during the process. Eyelash care is required at 3-week intervals after the application.

The center and the person to do the application should be professional. Before starting the application, the length, color and thinness of the natural eyelashes should be discussed. Water should not be exposed to lashes for 24 hours after the procedure.

Oil-based products should not be preferred for make-up cleaning and water-based products should be used. Oil-based cleaning products reduce the use of lashes.

It is useful to scan lashes every day. The use of mascara also reduces the use of eyelashes. Laying down will cause the eyelashes to become distorted and distorted. It is necessary to pay attention to this situation.

For the removal of eyelashes, the application center should be applied again. A person’s attempt to take off with his own effort will cause the loss of natural eyelashes.

Product Price: 250 ₺